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ANKLICKEN - Dr. Peter Johann hat den COO Mike Parrila eingestelltIn Kürze:Vor nicht allzu langer Zeit informierten wir sie darüber, dass die Lumendi Ltd. eine Tochter – die Lumendi LLC – in den USA gegründet hat.
Dieser Blogeintrag stellt deren COO Mike Parrilla vor.

Summary: A few weeks ago we told you about Lumendi Ltd. having established  Lumendi LCC. in the USA.  The company itself has moved into their new offices recently.

Lumendi LLC will be focusing on our USA market. Previously we promised you to tell you more about its new COO Mike Parrilla.  Here it comes.

Who is Mike Parrilla?

Mike Parrilla is a Senior Operations executive with over 35 years of extensive experience managing:

– medical device and  high technology firms, as well as
– products and personnel.

He was Senior Vice President of Corporate Manufacturing Operations at Hologic, Inc.  This is a leading developer and manufacturer of tomography, bone density, surgical instrumentation disposable medical products, with corporate headquarters located in Bedford, Massachusetts.

Mike’s experience

Mike’s track record illustrates his experience in growing and supporting rapid revenue growth, while building a high quality, customer focused team.

After his promotion to Senior Vice President, Corporate Manufacturing Operations, his focus at Hologic Inc. was on developing turn-key solutions. In this capacity, he put great emphasis on introducing changes that added value and allowed the company to meet its revenue plans.

At the same time during Mike’s tenure at Hologic, Inc. he successfully expanded the company’s product portfolios, while improving process/product quality. In this capacity he demonstrated his skills in helping to implement strategy through successful execution.

Whilst being part of Hologic Inc. revenue grew from $180 million in 2003 to over $2.5 billion in 2013.

During Mike Parrilla’s tenure, Senior Operations was responsible for 10 acquisitions. He was closely involved doing the hands-on management in the integration of these acquisitions into the corporation.

These acquisitions provided added value and growth for Hologic, Inc. in particular through:

– new product introductions and commercializations,
– supply chain management,
– lean standardization, and
– leveraging multi-site and cross functional leadership skills.

You can get more information about Lumendi visiting these pages:

Management Team,
Board Members
Medical Advisory Board

We wish Mike lots of success!

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