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Patient experience can be defined as a construct that encompasses a range of interactions that patients have with the health care system. This can encompass such things as:

care from health plans, and from doctors, nurses, and staff in hospitals, physician practices, and other health care facilitiesA positive patient experience is an important goal in its own right (see AHRQ)

Patient experience is correlated with important health care processes and outcomes. These processes and outcomes include:

… patient adherence to medical advice, better clinical outcomes, improved patient safety practices, and lower utilization of unnecessary health care services (see AHRQ).

One of the objectives of our technology is to help secure better clinical outcomes for patients and facilitate the important work of medical experts including surgeons.  In the case of our DiLumen device, the objective as to facilitate medical personnel’s work in the hope that hopefully:

  1. the necessity of complex surgical removal of polyps might reduced, AND
  2. the patient can leave the same day the procedure was done.

Dr. Parul Shukla, the Vice Chief of Colon & Rectal Surgery at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medicine, has successfully used the device to remove the polyp of a patient non-surgically. This was done after two previous attempts had been made by the patient’s gastroenterologist and the outcome had not been satisfactory.

When Patient Patrick Hellen underwent a routine colonoscopy in 2017, a large polyp was found in the cecum (PS. cecum is a pouch connected to the junction of the small and large intestines).

Due to the size and location of the polyp, his gastroenterologist failed to remove it twice, at which point Dr. Shukla came into play.

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The DiLumen possibilities

Dr. Shukla used our product DiLumen. The latter consists of an endoscope. It has a pair of inflatable balloons attached for better stabilization of the colon, for this procedure.

DiLumen from Lumendi Ltd. allows doctors better sight into the colon and to take out larger and often very difficult poyps to be removed.

DiLumen EIP Technology for minimally-invasive surgery in the gastrointestinale
DiLumen EIP Technology for minimally-invasive surgery in the gastrointestinale

Patrick Hellen about his experience

Patrick Hellen, the patient in this case, was in good health when he came in for the routine colonoscopy in 2017. During this examination the polyp was discovered.

After two unsuccessful surgeries prior, Mr. Hellen was relieved to hear that Dr. Shukla might be able avoid a surgical removal, thanks to the Dilumen.

After Mr. Hellen woke up from anaesthesia, he was met with great news: the polyp had indeed been non-surgically removed if DieLumen were to be used. In turn, DiLumen requires a what is called “minor procedure” thus Mr. Hellen was only needed to stay for less than a day at the hospital. Thereafter he was discharged and went home.

Mr. Hellens prognosis is excellent as the polyp was completely removed and turned out to be benign. A follow-up colonoscopy six months later has proven that no regrowth of the polyp has occurred in Mr. Hellens colon.

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