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In short: Our last blog post was the story of a patient who benefited from DiLumen.
Events like this have contributed to MedTech Outlook calling Lumendi Company of the Year – that’s what this article is about.

Below you can read more about the next event Lumendi will be attending: This time as a sponsor at EndoSwiss in Zurich.

The central idea behind DiLumen is to innovate endolumenal procedures by providing endoscopic stability. This makes it possible for clinicians to avoid certain types of gastro-intestinal surgical complications and significantly reduces the patient’s recovery time. How? Our DiLumen transitions the procedure from the surgical suite into the endo-lab, where it can be performed by advanced endoscopists.

MedTech Outlook: Lumendi in the top 10

Medtech Outlook has named Lumendi as one of the 10 top companies among medical imaging solution providers (read article).

The article follows the story of Mrs. Jefferson, who had been diagnosed with a large polyp during a routine colonoscopy. She was told that a surgical removal would be unavoidable, but nevertheless decided to look for an alternative.

In a nearby city, she found a clinician who could remove the polyp non-surgically with an endoluminal interventional therapy, using our DiLumen. Mrs. Jefferson had previously feared having to cope with a long recovery.

However, DiLumen made surgical incisions unnecessary. After an overnight stay at the hospital, Mrs. Jefferson was free to go home and could return to normal activity within a couple of days.

Innovating endolumenal procedures

Mrs. Jefferson was lucky enough to find a better alternative, but many people don’t have that option.

The issue of removing large and complex polyps has plagued the industry for 15 years and for most of the 50,000 patients diagnosed with benign polyps every year, surgery is the only option.

Over the years, many tools have been developed to try and remove large or difficult to reach polyps, but they have not yet addressed the issue of stability within the colon.

By introducing the DiLumen Endoluminal Interventional Platform (EIP), Lumendi is changing that paradigm.

“Endolumenal treatment allows patients to leave the hosital either the same day or after a one night stay and immediately return to normal activity, rather than six to eight days and a month recovery.” – Eric Coolridge, Vice President of Marketing at Lumendi

The DiLumen can facilitate endoluminal therapeutic procedures that would otherwise require laparoscopic or open surgery of the colon. This one-time-use accessory fits over traditional endoscopes and provides stabilty during visualisation, diagnosis and treatment of conditions within the large intestine.

Upcoming Event in Zurich

This year marks the first time Lumendi will be sponsoring the annual ENDOSWISS in Zurich. The 2019 event starts on Friday, June 21 with a pre-meeting of the international faculty in the Hirslanden Clinic Zurich.

June 22 will be filled with live demonstrations and presentations, as well as industry exhibitions. Here we will also have our own booth set up and will gladly answer any questions you might have, personally.

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  • Would you like to come visit us at EndoSwiss and take a look at the DiLumen? Let us know below.

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Desirée ist Expertin für Marketing und Kommunikation bei DrKPI und Lumendi.

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