Osaka visit Jeffree and attendee discussing.
Jeffrey W. Milsom im Gespräch mit einem Teilnehmer.
Jeffrey W. Milsom talking with an attendee.

In Short: Jeffrey W. Milsom (Inventor), Peter Johann (CEO) and the Medical Advisory Board visited Japan this February.
Here some visual impressions from this interesting trip.
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The month of August passed in a flash with all the work to meet our milestones and to prepare and submit our application for FDA clearance. You remember of course, we succeeded.

In September we continued to move forward with our administrative work including additional preparations to be ready in case we received the 501(k) Clearance from the FDA.

In Dezember we received FDA Clearance for our DiLumen product.

This has gotten us even more busy. Since then we have done many important things to move the product to market.

For this reason, our team and members of Lumendi’s Medical Advisory Board visited Japan.

Besuch beim Medical Advisory Mitlgied Kiyokazu Nakajima in Osaka.
Medical Advisory Member Kiyokazu Nakajima.

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Das Medical Advisory Team und DiLumen Leute in Japan... am Testen
The Medical Advisory Team and DiLumen team members in Japan.

Naturally, medical technology and DiLumen in particular was discussed.  Medical Advisory Board members had a chance to test the product.

Clinical Advisory Board Mitglieder testen das DiLumen Produkt.
Members of the Clinical Advisory Board test our DiLumen product.

Discussion in smaller groups lead to very interesting discussions. For instance, here, Jeffrey W. Milsom discusses the DiLumen technology – our minimally-invasive endolumenal technology.

Jeffrey Milsom und das Advisory-Board diskutieren die Testresultate von DiLumen.
Jeffrey Milsom und das Advisory-Board diskutieren die Testresultate von DiLumen.

We also have been fortunate to find another expert for our Medical Advisory Board.

We are glad to have our esteemed Kazuki Sumiyama – Manager of the Divison, endoscopy division, School of Medicine, Jikei University, Tokyo.

Jeffrey Milsom mit Kazuki Sumiyama dem neuen Mitglied des Medical Advisory Board
Jeffrey Milsom with Kazuki Sumiyama our new Member of the Medical Advisory Board.

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Source: DiLumen: Visiting Japan

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  • It is wonderful to see how active this Lumendi-team is.
    I’m very much impressed by the steady progress that is made.
    I wish all the involved persons good luck, health and furthermore great success.

    PS. I also like the regular news I get within a relatively short time about what happens with Lumendi (i.e. Webpage, Blog-Newsletter). I find this very useful.

    • Dear Mr. Nick

      Thank you so much for your feedback. I am glad that the news we distribute is of some use to you. And Yes, of course, we will try to continue bringing you the most important information.

      We will shortly report about some further progress we are making so please stay tuned.
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