Lumendi Ltd. develops, markets and distributes surgical tools and devices that provide safe, cost-effective solutions for minimally invasive gastrointestinal interventions.

The company was founded 2014 and holds the worldwide exclusive licence on the DiLumenTM technology. All devices were developed by Lumendi in collaboration with the Minimally Invasive New Technologies program (MINT) at Weill Cornell Medical College (Cornell University).

The device platform are disposable accessories for enhanced endoscopic interventions. It creates a Therapeutic Zone (TZ) in the large intestine and improves stability of the endoscope and visualization for removal of colonic lesions such as complex polyps. DiLumenTM was launched in the US in May 2017 and since then has built up a proven track record in reducing time of procedures and improving therapeutic outcomes.

Lumendi’s first product, DiLumenTM, is already commercially available in the USA and has demonstrated its advantages in performance and therapeutic benefits in over 300 procedures. CE Mark for the European market is expected in Q2/2018.

The second generation of the product, DiLumen C2 TM EIP, provides two additional working channels on the sheet and applies flexible articulating surgical instruments that expand the capabilities for complex GI interventions. It has the potential to replace open surgical or laparoscopic procedures with incision-free endolumenal procedures, which represents clear advantages for patient care and cost savings. The development of Lumendi’s innovative products is supported by leading endoscopists and GI surgeons on the company’s Clinical Advisory Board. Lumendi Ltd. is currently pursuing market expansion and is evaluating the best partners to market the products in Europe and the Asia/Pacific region.

For more information how you can participate on Lumendi’s opportunities for growth, please call +44 20 3369 8694 or email

5 thoughts on “Investor Relations

  • Guten Tag

    Ihre gestrige Präsentation von Lumendi im Zürcher Hyatt ist gut gelungen. Komplimente!

    Gerne würde ich die Informationen zum Fortgang des Projektes abonnieren.

    unter der angegebenen site komme ich jedoch nicht bis zur Registrierung.

    Danke, dass Sie mir einen Tipp geben.

    D. Heinrich

    CH-8180 Bülach

    1. Lieber Herr Heinrich

      Herzlichen Dank für Ihr Lob über unseren Anlass. Wir werden darüber auch bald einen Blogeintrag publizieren.

      Sie sollten den Link (2 Grossbuchstaben) nutzen.
      Das sollte sie auf die Seite bringen wo sie sich registrieren können.

      Bitte lassen sie es mich wissen ob es geklappt hat. Merci.


  • Thank you Sir for your information. Technically I’ m interested but from the inverstors standpoint I must be honest an tell you, that I shall not engage me any more in Projects financelly. I am already 77 years old and have still two presidential Jobs in Switzerland.

    I personally wish you and your team good sucess and prosperity.

    I hope for your understanding and remain with best regards. Faithfully Joerg Hans Oscar Krammer Dipl. Ing. nuclear

    1. Dear Jörg

      Thanks so much for commenting. I appreciate your good wishes for our project.
      Of course, we will keep going with this and we have made a lot of progress since we did this presentation.
      We want to upload one of the videos soon that shows a bit more about the project.

      Keep well

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