Dr. Sergey Kantsevoy hat mehr als 100 Eingriffe mit DiLumen hinter sich. Hier bei einer Trainingssession mit Kolleginnen und Kollegen.
Dr. Sergey Kantsevoy has done more than 100 procedures with DiLumen. In this picture he is conducting a training session.

A short while back we published an entry about new video with our Chairman Dr. Peter Johann. In it Dr. Peter Johann talks about Lumendi’s strategie and goals for 2018.

Gastroenterologists face medical and technical challenges each day. They focus on the chances and risks of different medical procedures. Moreover, new technical possibilities are explored before the become a kind of standard.

In this blog entry we outline the advantages  and impact the DiLumen platform and its technology will likely have upon medical practice in the gastrointestinal area.

Minimally invasive endoscopic therapies

If we use minimally invasive endoscopic therapies to remove polyps within the digestive tract under direct endoscopic visualization.

Patients recovers faster from this medical procedure. In addition, the risk for possible complications can be significantly reduced. That is an additional bonus from the patient’s point of view.

For health insurers, reduced costs for the procedure and follow-up costs are likely.

Plenty benefits with Lumendi's DiLumen Ig™ endolumenal internventional grasper.
Plenty benefits with Lumendi’s DiLumen Ig™ endolumenal interventional grasper.

DiLumen helps remove limits of traditional endolumenal procedures today

Today endoscopic removal of relatively simple polyps can be done during a medical check-up. In colonoscopy such work has become well established standard (e.g., polypectomy). But during more complex, larger procedures where, for instance, the polyp is already part of the intestinal wall, medical experts and their skills are challenged. It is sometimes nearly impossible to do as well as one might want and have to for the patient’s sake.

Only well trained experts can handle the complex and technologically demanding techniques, such as ESD (Endoscopic Mucosal Resection). ESD is required to remove complex polyps. Humans intestines is very flexible. They therefore represent an unstable environment for grasping and removing any kind of human tissue.

Here Lumendi’s DiLumen Ig™ endolumenal interventional grasper can make a real difference. It makes the area where the operating occurs a stable zone. Moreover, visibility is also drastically improved for the medical expert.

Hence, complex polyps can be removed using endoscopy more easily.

Dr Hwang vom Harborview Hospital in Seattle stated:

„This is the company that is going to change ESD and make it easier for us“ 

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DiLumen overcomes current limitations in endolumenal procedures.
DiLumen overcomes current limitations in endolumenal procedures.

In clinical use DiLumen’s advantages have been confirmed. For instance, usingDiLumen Ig™ endolumenal interventional grasper improves visivility, stability and traction in the intestine. This results in significantly shortening the time needed for the procedure. As well, to use of anaesthetic can be reduced.

Many advantages for medical experts conducting the procedure. In turn, their patients also benefit:  A win-win situation.

Download the slides as shown below – PDF – 2.8 MB

What is your opinion?

What we really care is to know what you think or want to know about our products.

  1. As a patient, have you had the benefit of experiencing an endolumenal procedure with a DiLumen product?
  2. As a endoscopist or surgeon, have you done a minimally invasive endoscopic therapy using our product?
  3. Any questions, we love to hear from you.
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  • Dear all

    Nothing really new. A repetition of what we’ve read already several times.

    Rolf Nick

    • Dear Mr Nick

      thanks so much for your feedback. I am surprised that this is already old… maybe I missed something.
      Your reply would indicate that we, or in particular I, failed to communicate the best way possible. I wrote:

      “For instance, using DiLumen Ig™ endolumenal interventional grasper improves visivility, stability and traction in the intestine. This results in significantly shortening the time needed for the procedure. As well, to use of anaesthetic can be reduced.”

      This is a new product and the follow-up product about which we refer to in the slides as well are brand new. We are also trying to get the FDA certification for this, i.e. we have applied and it should be coming soon.

      So we are not only getting our products licensed (European one is in the works but we are still waiting… more news when we have it). In the meantime we are moving out product into the hospitals and use the slide (see image in presentation) that outlines our product’s advantages. These things we use in our sales presentation.

      So please keep reading and I hope my reply refutes your comment a bit and yes, I apologise for not spelling these things out clearer in the blog entry.
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