Lumendi Video by DrKPI: Corporate Communication done right.
Lumendi Video by DrKPI: Corporate Communication done right.

In brief: We have not published new content for a while, but I thought this was a great opportunity to wish our readers a Happy New Year and all the best for 2018.

In this entry we give you the opportunity to hear our CEO’s thoughts and his plans for Lumendi for 2018.
He outlines why the DiLumen® line of products is a game changer for intestinal disease therapy.

The DiLumen EIP (Endolumenal Interventional Platform) is a device that you attach to an endoscope, any current commercially-available endoscope. It is designed to create a working zone, to create a surgical platform inside the channel of the intestine.

The first challenge we had for making this video was to get our video team, corporate communications and the CEO to Zurich to get to work on this video just before Christmas 2017.

Getting everybody in a room to produce our first video.
Getting everybody in a room to produce our first video.

We wanted Peter Johann to address 3 important points in this video:

  1. What makes the Lumendi technology a possible game changer?
  2. What advantages do DiLumen products offer for doctors, patients and clinics as well as hospitals?
  3. What are Lumendi’s plans to distribute and sell DiLumen products in various countries?

Even though we worked hard for several hours, there was enough time to have a laugh or two.

Laughing whilst working: Takes off the tension and pressure to do it right.
Laughing whilst working: Takes off the tension and pressure to do it right. 

Plans for 2018

Of course, we will continue to develop our pipeline of products.

For instance, we are working on additional tool channels that will greatly increase the capability of any endoscopic device. For instance, the ability to clip the dissected edge of the mucosa to the balloon is a big step in giving doctors more control when working on the intestine. This helps improve dissection.

In this video, Peter Johann explains how thanks to minimally-invasive procedures DiLumen products enable doctors in some cases to make surgical procedures unnecessary.

For patients and doctors what is of interest is that for instance, endoscopic submucosal dissection for polyps can be reduced. On average this adds up to about 60 minutes of time savings. Just saving 30 minutes when doing the procedure already offsets the costs for the product.

If you wish additional information about our technology and possible investment opportunities you can register yourself for our January 2018 webinar here.

PS. The video is in German but you get the ghist… guaranteed. Just watch.

If you want to participate in our project, please feel free to get in touch with us via e-mail: (just click this link)

Incidentally, we have already started to put Peter’s strategy in place. Hard work but it is needed, of course.

Join the discussion: Your opinion matters

Here are our questions to you, let us know what you think.

  • Have you or one of your relatives had an endoscopic procedure?  What did you like the least or the most?
  • What other question do you have that we might not have answered in our video?
  • Any other request or feedback you would like to share?
Lumendi video with CEO Peter Johann

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