Lumendi wants to grow in Europe, Middle East and Africa
Lumendi wants to grow in Europe, Middle East and Africa

In brief: A short while back we had our first webinar for investors. It was conducted by our CEO and Chairman Dr. Peter Johann.
Quite a few investors attended. We recap the webinar in this blog entry.

PS. Further below we also show you a press release regarding our 3 new members of the Medical Advisory Board. 2 of these we presented in the blog already.

The last few weeks have been quite busy for us. We have been working hard to get our DiLumen product line launched in Europe.

This will be happening at the  25th UEG Week in Barcelona (October 28th – November 1st, 2017).

Why not stop by at our booth #123 in Barcelona. We would be happy to show you a few things… and share a cup of coffee.

Our Webinar held October 12.

For this day, CEO Peter Johann had invited current investors to the webinar.

After a short welcome address Peter Johann gave a brief overview. Lumendi Ltd. was incorporated in December 2015 in London. Since then quite a few things have already happened.

However, the most interesting aspects, especially for investors, was of course when he discussed the goals we have accomplished so far during 2017.

Below You will find a short summary. This is a list of the most important milestones out of the past 12 months. We are glad to report that we attained all of these.

DiLumen - goals we accomplished during 2017.
DiLumen – goals we accomplished during 2016-2017.

Unfortunately, we were unable to avoid a short delay concerning obtaining the CE Mark in Europe.

This is due to circumstances which defy our control. Nevertheless, even here it will only take a few more weeks to get this designation. Hence, our scheduled market launch will hardly be affected.

But apart from that, we are on course. If not a little ahead of schedule.

Peter Johann took advantage of the opportunity to elucidate the aims and milestones for 2018 to the investors.

It’s essential that we receive the required sales traction.  We want to realise enough traction and sales volume to have a market impact during 2018.

We will keep you informed here in our blog about our progress.

DiLumen - goals we accomplished during 2017.
DiLumen – goals we accomplished during 2017.

Join the discussion: Your opinion matters

Here are our questions to you, let us know what you think.

  • Did you attend the webinar, how did you like it?
  • How can we optimizse our webinar to make it even better for you next time?
  • Any other request or feedback you would like to share?

Do you want to visit our coming webinar?

We will be giving a second webinar in January 2018. Do you want to participate?

Send an e-Mail to (as an investor you will receive a personal invitation, of course).

And here is the press release to complete our Blog entry about the Medical Advisory Board.

Here you can download the press release as PDF.

Lumendi: Our 1st Webinar
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