Develop medical technology and devices that reduce the level of patient intervention, procedure time and positively impact recovery rates and outcomes.
Product Development

We focus on bringing products to market that also decrease costs and lower recuperation time for patients.

Regulatory Approval

FDA 510(k) clearance in the US or the CE Mark in Europe have been secured. Others will be obtained as we enter new markets.


We have established distribution in the US, France, Italy, UK and soon in Germany and Spain as well as Hong Kong. We continue to enter new markets.

We empower clinicians to perform existing procedures more efficiently and provide training and continuous education opportunities.
Quantifiable Results

We focus on helping reduce time requirements for endolumenal therapeutic procedures with actionable metrics.

If there’s a better way, we’ll find it.

At Lumendi, we’re turning ‘what if’ into ‘what’s next’– creating a seismic shift in how physicians and patients think about what’s possible.

Lumendi DiLumen (EIP)

The Endolumenal Approach


DiLumen is an accessory to an endoscope. It is indicated to ensure complete positioning of an endoscope in the large intestine and assist with optical visualization, diagnosis, and endoscopic treatment.


Spain: Workshop with DiLumen +DR™

A workshop was held in Madrid for applying minimally invasive techniques using the DiLumen +DR Dynamic Retraction System. EMR (Endoscopic Mucosa Resection) and ESD (Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection) method were practiced for the removal of complex polyps.

Dynamic retraction: DiLumen at UEG week 2019: Left to Right - Dr. Peter Johann (CEO Lumendi Ltd.) Michael Augsberger (CFO Lumendi Ltd.) Dr. James White (VP Medical Affairs Lumendi LLC) Prof. James East (Oxford)

2019’s UEG Week in Barcelona

Report about our expert session for gastroenterologists. Performing laparoscopy in a stable therapeutic zone with difficult polyps. How the DiLumen +DR Dynamic Retraction System could be used during a procedure

dilumen dr retraction system

1,000 endoscopic procedures using DiLumen™ EIP

1000 therapeutic procedures have been performed by endoscopists and surgeons from the U.S., several EU countries and Asia. Furthermore, our new distribution partner PAULDRACH medical GmbH will be with us at endo-update 2019 conference, Augsburg, in November.

At Lumendi, we develop devices that enable endolumenal therapeutic procedures and transform the way physicians and patients think about what’s possible with healthcare.



DiLumenTM Endolumenal Interventional Platform (EIP), discover a new path to intestinal therapy.


Consists of a soft flexible sheath that fits over standard and small diameter endoscopes.

DiLumen C²

Employs two 6mm working channels at the 3 and 9 o’clock position of the endoscope.


Such as single use disposable endoscopic accessory and monopolar electrosurgical devices as well as more endoscope accessories.