Dr. Kiyokazu Nakajima

Kiyokazu Nakajima

Member of Medical Advisory Board

Kiyokazu Nakajima, MD, Ph.D., FACS, is the Chief Investigator of the Division of Next Generation Endoscopic Intervention  (Project ENGINE), Global Center for Medical Engineering and Informatics at Osaka University and Specially Appointed Professor of Surgery, Department of Surgery, Osaka University.

Dr. Nakajima is one of the nation’s leading experts in minimally invasive surgery, especially for inflammatory bowel diseases, functional GI diseases, and GI stromal tumors. In 2008, he was recognized as performing Japan’s first human partial gastrectomy using natural orifice.

Dr. Nakajima is an internationally renowned pioneer in minimally invasive surgery and state-of-the-art laparoscopic technologies for colorectal cancer and holds > 70 patents, > 15 prototype devices (including 3 pending approvals). 7 of his ideas have been successfully and profitably commercialized.

His newly developed system that enables “steady pressure automatically controlled endoscopy” (SPACE) in the GI tract, is now going through its initial clinical trials.

He has recently received a special award from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan for developing innovative endoscopic devices.

For Dr. Nakajima’s publications, click here: PubMed.

Kiyokazu Nakajima